Dear reader.

Thanks for your interest in my projects, tutorials or even both. I'm from Austria, live nearly in Vienna and  still go to school(HTBLA Rennweg). I'm 19 years old, so I don't have 100 years of experience in technology, but I think I learned a lot in the last 4 years and especially in the last 2 years where I have trained myself in coding and designing. I embellish it with a few graphics, that it doesn't look so boring. :)
Google Chart

A long time ago (2007) a strange guy (who actually was a classmate) recommended me the operating system Ubuntu. So I gave it a try and after some time, I was really impressed and satisfied with it and I still use it today. I also have to boot Windows sometime, because of the Adobe Creative Suite. Would be an awesome step for Adobe if the will support Linux to sometime. But mostly I spend my time in Ubuntu. At this time I also started developing at home and not just in school. After about one year this same strange guy was trying out something on his computer that looked like an mobile phone. And that was Android :D. I don't really remember how and why I started developing for Android but what I know is that this guy, who's nickname is TomTasche, brought me to it.

So I tried out the Android SDK and started developing my first app called TouchDrums. I think you can imagine what it does. It's a view of a drum set and plays the sound of the specific drum when you touch it. Then I moved on and developed a snake game with an opensource game engine. The third project was clone of the "Game of Life". Not the board game. It is a mathematical zero player system by Conway. The next app was a fitness app that lets you record your sport activities and and gives you the possibility to calculate useful information about your body. Then I learned openGL ES 1.0 and 1.1 and wrote my first game with it. It was called VectorRunner 3D, but it got suspended from the market, because there was already a game with the name. Then, because of an market bug or whatever, all my apps got unpublished and I didn't find the time to design the new 512 icons yet to publish them again :( And now we have arrived at my current project called Smart Phone. It is still in development and you can read all about it here.

Thumbs up, you've made it this far. If you're an Austrian company you can read more about me here.

The following list contains the languages, technologies i've learned, discovered and use nearly every day:

  • Java and Java with the Android SDK
  • openGL 1.0 and 1.1
  • HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, mySQL, SQLite
  • Google App Engine
  • Flash (Actionscript 3)
  • Git, SVN
  • Eclipse
  • Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Flash Builder
  • Blender, Cinema 4D

So and now a big thank you for that much interest and that you made it to the end.

Best regards Bartinger.