Smart Phone makes your Smartphone even smarter than it already is. It automatically adjusts the settings of your Android phone based on conditions like location, time, battery and sms text.
The main targets of Smart Phone are:

  • automatically change settings to save time
  • manage that in a very efficient and friendly way
  • conserve battery

Note that Smart Phone is still in development and not published in the market yet.

The features of Smart Phone! Change settings based on these conditions:

  • Location (You also set a radius to include a bigger area)
  • Time
  • SMS
  • Battery (You can choose between "Lower than...%" and "Higher than...%")

These are the settings that Smart Phone can manage:

  • Airplane mode
  • Toggle WiFi
  • Toggle mobile data
  • Toggle Bluetooth
  • Brightness
  • Ringer mode
  • Volume

Smart Phone will also support an own plugin system, so that other developers can write plugins for their apps too. I will post a tutorial with a step by step description how to write an plugin. Writing plugins will be very easy and won't take a long time. I also decided to add Locale plugin support too, because there are a huge number of them published in the market.

There will be a paid version for 1.50€ and a lite version in the market very soon. The paid version will get more updates with new features, fixes and optimizations and better support. Feel free to tell me your ideas or feature request in the comments and if you want to help me testing the Beta of Smart Phone let me know.

Regards Bartinger!